Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cake Pops

I figured out what me and my boys will be making for Christmas gifts, cake pops. Cake pops can be made by preparing any cake mix of your choosing. Prepare according to the directions, then let the cake cool. You can then take pieces of the cake and roll them into shapes. There are two different kinds we will make which will be presents and snow men. For the presents you would take the cake and make about 1 inch squares with them, when your shape is ready place a sucker stick in the center and freeze for about 30 minutes so the square is firm. After the cake is firm you decorate it with colored frosting. We will use fruit roll ups cut into thin strips to tie around the present and create bows. For the snow men we need to roll out two balls for the body a 1 inch ball for the head and a 2 inch ball for the body. When all shapes are made center both balls, and place the sucker stick in the center, freeze, and decorate. Once again we will decorate with frosting however we will use cream cheese frosting for these ones. You can make faces with cookie decorations, or candy. Once again we will use fruit roll-ups cut into thin strips so we can tie scarfs around the snow men. When they are all finished we will wrap a few in cellophane and bows. I have a very big family so I am always looking ways to show everyone I care, without going broke. Hopefully this will turn out well.

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