Thursday, December 22, 2011

Secret Santa's

It's very hard for most people to buy their children toys for Christmas, I just can't believe there are this many people nation wide whom are paying off peoples layaway accounts. It is very heart warming to hear that people are this giving this season. I wonder do why there are so many secret santa's this year though. I know there are people who give every year but never such a phenomenon that you hear from anyone who works in retail. At my local Walmart a lady came in yesterday to pay off any layaway accounts that she could, only to find they had already been paid off. From their she went and looked at the Santa cops toys which were for donations. She noticed that most of the toys were around 10 dollars or less and decided she should buy more expensive toys to donate. She bought $1,500 worth of toys around 20-25 dollars each and left them in the donation buckets. It is a really nice story to hear, and I'm sure a lot of families will be very excited to have a stress free Christmas.

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